Your Opinions About Yourself Might Be Wrong

We live as though our opinions are correct

What if we were to change our opinions to those which serve us?

How would we live then?

The way we think shapes the way we feel and the way we act.

For example, if we think that self-development is stupid, we will never do anything to improve ourselves.

If your opinion is that you are who you are and you can’t change who you are, you won’t ever try to get better.

If your opinion is that you can’t, you won’t

Imagine if your opinions were whatever was the most useful for you?
Opinions aren’t some set-in-stone divine mandate, they’re merely thoughts you’ve had.
And let’s face facts, you could have any thought you like.
A negative, destructive thought is just as easy to have as a positive, affirming thought, but it’s much more damaging.
What if we could start to be mindful about the beliefs that we have?
Examine and challenge them?
What if you had opinions about yourself that stopped you speaking out.
You thought that you were unattractive, or not as smart as others, or uninteresting.
You could change those opinions.
What if you thought you were attractive, smart and fascinating?
Would you speak out then?
You betcha!

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