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Have you ever asked yourself, “What could you accomplish, if you weren’t scared”?

It’s one of the most important questions you’ll ever ask and it’s not there so you can beat yourself up. It’s there so you can start your journey of self-discovery by understanding what is waiting for you on the other side of fear. We’ve all hesitated because we were scared. Scared to apply for that promotion, try out that business idea, ask out that girl. For many of us it’s even more debilitating. And what is it we’re scared of? Rejection? Humiliation? Failure?

You and I both know that there’s a champion inside of you. A successful and confident winner, someone who is too good to live out their life with a mediocre job, mediocre salary and yes, even a mediocre partner. You know what you have to do, you know that you need to take those risks, face up to your fears, ignore rejection and face up to the possibility of humiliation. You know that failure is only one step towards success, so what’s stopping you taking those steps?

The problem is that it’s not your fault. Our environment is against us. Our education system, social media, television, even our own brains, are all driving us to become consumers instead of creators. Followers instead of leaders, couch potatoes instead of risk-takers. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I can help you break out of that cycle of boredom, of lethargy, of non-achievement. I can help you, through tried and tested methods of action taking and habit building, break through. I can help you unlock your potential and once you’ve reached that place where you start achieving your goals, fear and failure will never again hold you back. Book me in now for a free Discovery Call so we can talk about the best way to move forward and take that first step toward the life you always wanted.

What’s a Discovery Call?

It’s a brief phone call, about 10-15 minutes, in which we get to know each other a little.  We can look at a couple of the things that are holding you back from achieving your desires and then I’m confident that I’ll be able to deliver incredible value to you in that short amount of time.  I’ll give you a couple of actions that you can start taking immediately and you will start noticing instant changes to your outlook and your mindset.  Understand that all of our results originate in our mind and come into being through our actions and then you’ll know how powerful it is to change the way you think.

This free short session won’t be enough to solve all of your problems totally, but I’ll be able to get you started.  Even the longest journey starts with a single step and that’s what the Discovery Call is; the first step on the most important journey you’ll ever make.  We’ll talk for about 10 minutes and then I’m going to tell you about some other opportunities you’ll have to work with me on a longer term basis.

Once you get on this call with me and you’re able to start applying the methods that I share with you, what you’ll notice is that over the next few days you’ll start feeling a lot more confident and in control.  Ultimately this will lead to awesome levels of self-belief and increased success in whatever ventures you take.

First, you’re going to click this link. Second, you’re going to put your name and your contact details and schedule an appointment with me. Then we’re going to jump on the call and we’re going to talk about this. I’m going to give you some tips that you can start applying right away and then I’m also going to tell you about some ongoing programs that I have.

Kind Words From Some Individuals, Business Clients and Coaching Students

“I can’t even put into words how much this means to me.  This just proves you should never give up on your goals and pushes me to do even better in 2018. Thank you so much for believing in me and pushing me to my full potential. You’re the true inspiration.”Nicola G voted Inspirational Leader of the Year at the No1 Insurance Company in Europe’s 2017 Leadership Conference.

“He demonstrates a natural ability to get the best from coaches and is someone you want to work with.  He creates an environment where collaboration is a must and in which you give your all to achieve the goals you set. He constantly drives the coaches he works with out of their comfort zone and improves in areas we don’t normally excel in.  The improvements made by his coaches in how effectively they do their job is superb and this is down to how Rand allows you to develop and his skills in guiding you to achieve your goals.” Kris L – Coach.

“Rand is a man with a plan, who has made us storm, form, norm and really perform.  Rand fosters and nurtures team spirit, collaboration and inspires you to be your best.  I’ve worked with many consultants within our company but I’ve never known a group as a whole take to someone the way our leadership team has to him. What’s most impressive is the way everyone has lifted their aspirations, believes in better and knows their self-worth.  We ended our time with Rand knowing he has made us all better people, that we all value each other more than we did before he came and that we can operate to the best of our ability.”  Mark M – Executive Course Attendee

“Your passion is very clear and this is demonstrated by the words that you say along with the tone in which this is communicated. Your examples really hit home for me and made me think about things that I could do with the Business Skills Trainers in my area to improve the quality of the training that we do, so thank you for sharing that. I honestly could listen to you all day, you create a really relaxed, at ease environment, yet still making sure the point and message is delivered correctly.  I am excited to be working with someone who is as passionate as me about people development, only makes one outcome really, success!”Andy S – Training Manager.

“Rand has consistently given me the guidance to succeed within my role. I started out as shy and Rand has helped motivate me so that I am constantly looking at ways to push myself out of my comfort zone. I honestly can’t thank him enough for the support he has given me throughout my development. He has believed in my potential from the start and helped me believe in myself.  He has the determination to succeed in everything he does and truly influences everyone around him to do the same.   I’ve never met anyone with the knowledge and wisdom that he has and has made me have a different outlook on both life in and out of work.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. He is a true inspiration!”Bethany L, Aspiring CEO.

You too can change your life, so jump on a Discovery Call with me now.

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