Living Like You’ve Already Succeeded

Mindset is a tricky concept. It’s one of those things that you might know nothing about and then you won’t be able to zero in on the changes that need to be made in order to achieve your goals. The fact that Mindset is:

  • Not the same for everyone
  • An abstract
  • Impossible to measure

can make it extremely difficult to talk about, let alone teach effectively.

Fortunately a positive mindset is extremely easy to adopt.

Unfortunately it’s also extremely easy to lose.

When it comes to your individual needs there will be as many ways to think about your goals as there will be goals. To illustrate what I mean, let’s take a look at three relatively simple and common goals that an you might have.

I want to be fit and healthy
I want to be confident
I want to be a successful author

Now an achievement mindset in all of those people will (in most cases) be completely different. Someone who is a successful author may not be particularly confident and they might be particularly unhealthy. A person who knows how to be confident and stay healthy might not have a clue how to be a successful writer.  If you don’t feel as amazing every day as your favorite motivational speaker, don’t let that put you off.  You’ll generally only see the best of other people and can’t feel what’s inside their mind.  Everybody can have an off day.

If you want to create in yourself the mindset of someone who is fit and healthy, what should you do?  Well, what do you imagine a fit and healthy person thinks and how do you think they act.  I’m no Olympic athlete or master dietician, but I consider myself fit and healthy.  There’s some pretty big steps I’ve had to take in my life to get that way, some major sacrifices and remember that these are mere examples.  If you want to adopt the mindset of a fit and healthy person you might have very different thoughts running through your head.  Write down a list of things that a fit and healthy person would do.  For example:

  • I say no to sugar
  • I eat a low carb diet
  • I eat only when hungry
  • I drink alcohol sparingly
  • I do not smoke
  • I exercise frequently, 4+ times per week
  • I get involved in charity events that require running or cycling
  • I go for lots of walks

If your goal was to be fit and healthy and you adopted the mindset indicated by someone who does all of the above, do you think you would lose weight?  You probably would.  The appropriate mindset consists of making the above choices.  You could tailor morning affirmations to create a belief system around those things.

You do not have to wait to become fit and healthy before adopting the habits and attitude of someone who is fit and healthy.  Act like you’ve already succeeded.

Confidence is a similar thing.  How does a person with a confident mindset act?  They are:

  • Decisive
  • Able to talk to strangers easily
  • Sure of themselves
  • Putting their best self forward

Those are only a few examples, but if you decided to be like this and act like a confident person would, how long do you think it would take you to become truly confident?  Not that long.  Of course confidence is situational, but once you’ve mastered the art of self-assurance it is a relatively simple skill to transfer to new scenarios.  If you woke up every morning and decided that you would act in the manner of a confident person you’d soon see a difference and people would notice immediately.

Acting like a successful author is slightly different.  How do you know what a successful author acts like?  Stephen King is bound to act differently to JK Rowling.  You would still follow exactly the same pattern for each of these examples:

  • Put yourself in the shoes of someone who is successful in that arena
  • Write a list of their behaviors
  • Write a list of things those people might think
  • Start adopting those behaviors and thoughts yourself straight away

In the example of a best-selling author this might be:

I’m going to act like Stephen King, so I’ll research his behaviors and from Google I find out that he:

  • Doesn’t watch TV
  • Reads, reads, reads
  • Eliminates Distraction

I’ll adopt these habits.  I’ll flesh them out a lot and then I’ll add some of my own.  Surely a writer writes, a lot, so I’ll adopt the habits of someone who writes, a lot.  It will probably drive other behaviors, for example you might stop drinking and going to bars because your main focus is writing and you can’t do that with a hangover.  You might start reading lots of Science Fiction because that’s the genre you want to write in.

You will be pleasantly surprised how effective this truly is.  I can’t stress enough how absolutely vital it is that you decide who you want to be and immediately start acting like you are that person.  If you’ve read my book, Pull Yourself Together, you’ll know that you have ultimate control over your life and have all the tools to assume control immediately.

Start succeeding at living right now, because ultimately living is all we have.

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