Goal Big or Go Home (The Art of Aiming High)

Welcome to Goal Setting Mastery Part 3. This part is about something extremely important that’s not terrifically difficult but worth making habitual. It’s also easy to skip, to your own detriment.

I’m talking about Thinking Big.

Consider the title of this mini-course on setting goals. It’s not called Goal Setting Mediocrity. Who wants to set uninspiring goals?

You know what happens if you set boring goals? You get boring outcomes. Many of the goals I see people setting are feeble, it’s like they are scared to succeed. Sure, I know that many people are scared to fail, but hopefully we’ve learned that failure is nothing but a stepping stone to success. In fact if you don’t fail enough that can have disastrous consequences for your mindset and quite possibly stall your learning.

So what happens then if your goals are easily achieved and not stretching at all? Without leaving your comfort zone you’ll find it difficult to learn anything and you’ll train your brain to take only small steps and you’ll simply be uninspired. Personally, I like to distinguish between goals and “things to do.”

Many people will have things like:

pass driving test
stop smoking
learn how to make a website

on their personal development plans or goal listings, but c’mon! Do they really light a fire in your belly? Those are mere components of what a goal should be.

Think about what you want.

Passing your driving test could be – Get a Mustang GT, red with black trim and have the coolest car of anyone I know.

Stop smoking should be – attain optimum health, stop smoking, quit sugar, work out four times a week and then hook myself up with a brand new wardrobe and look like I’ve always wanted to.

Learn how to make a website could change to – Start that business where I show people how to tastefully decorate their homes on a budget. The first step is to create a website so people can see my work and contact me.

Realistically, none of those are particularly huge goals but you can see the difference between the two sets. If you empower and energize your goals you’ll find them much easier to achieve and easier to stay motivated.

There’s also the psychological impact of aiming low. You are who you tell yourself you are, and we’ll go to great lengths to protect that definition we give ourselves. Think on all those people you know who absolutely refuse to take any feedback whatsoever, no matter how reasonable and logical you are and how much irrefutable proof you provide, they’ll still argue and divert and get offended and upset when you try to challenge their view of themselves. If you firmly believe that you’re the person that’s going to achieve all those huge goals you have for yourself, your mindset will evolve and you’ll start thinking bigger and looking further.

Inspiring goals excite and motivate, they smash through the doubts that you may have carried with you your whole life and as you see them coming into reality, you will continue to grow.

Big goals help you to see the bigger picture and help you focus not on just the next step, but on your whole future, helping you to map out a series of incredibly positive outcomes for yourself.

You will take more action. You will stretch yourself and work harder. And you’ll take others along with you for the ride. People will always ask how you’re so driven and your goals can inspire other people to change their lives too.

The last reason I want to talk about is a personal one.

Every day on the news and social media you’ve got people telling you how bad life is, how hard it is and how opportunities are rare and it’s a cruel world we live in. It really pisses me off because it’s all utter horseshit.

The fact is that life’s never been easier for the human race and there are more opportunities than ever before. The internet has opened everything up and the world is literally your oyster.

I want you to have amazing goals, goals that drive you out of the negativity of modern life. I want you to understand the truth, that you can achieve anything you want. If some clueless activist is going to lecture you on social mobility I want you to have the faith in your own abilities to know that he is merely projecting his own inadequacies onto you.

Now, go to those goals that you thought up. The ones that you made sure were specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timebound. Go and make sure that they represent the person you want to be, the successful and amazing person that you know you were born to be. Change them if you need to, but remember goals are one way of owning and directing the course of your life.

Don’t give yourself a mediocre life.

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