Change Your State At Will

These words refer to the black-headed gull, Kehaar, from Watership Down.

If you don’t know the story, which you should, it’s wonderful, the bird is trying to help some rabbits find their soul-mates.

It’s an incredibly uplifting song rendered beautifully by Alessandro Conti which I listened to this morning while pounding through my killer cardio session.

It struck me that the 4 minutes of joy I feel when listening to it removes all the pain of my lungs and limbs while I’m hurtling nowhere on the treadmill.

We know that everything begins and ends in the mind, and not everyone would get the same feeling from this particular piece of music, so how is it having this amazing effect on me?

My thoughts and feelings about the song and my love for the story of Watership Down, inspire me and allows me to enter a state of euphoria

But it’s me, my mind, that essentially creates that state.

For someone else that state would be created by different music or different activities.

About which they think and feel different things.

You can create that feeling at will.

It’s easier with triggers and you might even know some of them now.


⭐Listening to a rousing speech

⭐Looking at a photograph of a loved one

It could literally be anything

Imagine if I could feel that way from 10 songs

How much further and faster could I run?

Imagine if I could replicate that state without the music

I can’t, yet, but I know it’s possible

The next time you have that feeling, etch it firmly in your mind

What made you feel like that

What you were thinking and how that made you feel

If you’re ever in need of an emergency boost of confidence, a quick pick-me-up, recreate that feeling in your mind

Remember when you felt that way

Recall the triggers

The feeling

You will work wonders

Rocket fuel for your mindset –

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