Hi, I’m Rand St John

I love helping people and I only recently understood why. In my experience and quest for answers I’ve discovered that there are six core needs that give us a feeling of deep satisfaction, two of which are:

  • Making progress
  • Helping others

That certainly explained a lot when I found that out. It explained why I like to push myself and why I like to push others. I spent my entire corporate life in Leadership and Management, successfully driving employees and managers to be the best they can be. When I realized that there was a place you get to in every company where your job is more about numbers and processes than it is about people, I decided that I needed something different.

That’s why I’m here now. I want to help you succeed.  How do I know you can succeed?  Because we all can.  The very fact that you are alive means that you are important.  You. Are. Important.

Why me?

Over the past twenty years I’ve worked through the doubt, the frustrations and the rejection myself and coached dozens of others through those same barriers. I know what it takes to succeed and more importantly how to fan those flames of potential that you have inside you.

The satisfaction I get when I see you succeed is my driving force, because I remember what it was like to so desperately want to succeed, but not know which way to turn. My kids get me up in the morning, often literally, and your success keeps me going all day. We’re all too often drowned in negativity; on TV, on Social Media, someone telling us why we can’t succeed, what someone else is doing to keep us down. I’m sick of that. I want to give you the message that you are worthwhile, you are important,  you can achieve and together we will win.

How Does It All Work?

The value is in the work we do together. It’s a collaborative journey where we make plans, implement changes and create powerful new habits that lead to your success. Whether it’s over the phone, on Skype or in person, you’ll start to feel the change after just one session. Between sessions I will be 100% available for e-mail support, because you’ll have questions to ask and ideas to share. We’ll start off with a Discovery Call where we decide if this journey is right for you and me and then take it from there.

I’d like to invite you to book in a Discovery Call with me so that you can get an idea of what I’m like. I’ll tell you a bit more about my process and you can tell me a little about the sorts of things you’re facing.

Only you can stop yourself. Don’t stop yourself.


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